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28 Jan — 9 Apr 2017
FRAGMENTS [of a desire for revolution], part of the exhibition: the collection now
lidwien van de ven

From 28 January 2017 the Project Room in the exhibition The Collection Now will be dedicated to FRAGMENTS [of a desire for revolution], a new work by Lidwien van de Ven, commissioned by the Van Abbemuseum. In 2014 the Van Abbemuseum invited Van de Ven to create a work about the colonial past of the Netherlands in Indonesia. This history determined what the Netherlands is like today to an important extent.

Van de Ven focused her interest, amongst other things, on early communism in Indonesia; a turbulent history which remains sensitive and contested today. She came across a story which has been virtually forgotten by many people: the history of Tanah Merah in Upper Digul. She visited Tanah Merah, now a town in Papua, but established in the late 1920s as an internment camp for exiled communists after the uprisings in 1926/1927. In this exhibition Van de Ven works with images from that time and from the present.